I organize silk painting workshops for up to six participants at a time. The workshop lasts about three hours, during  which participants receive an introduction to silk painting and paint a 55x55cm silk scarf or painting to take home with them. No previous experience required. Anyone can paint on silk!

Painting on silk is exclusive and quite different from using other mediums. The workshop is also an experience that goes beyond simply painting. The no-resist technique, which I have developed, is also a philosophy and outlook that you can take with you to work or other areas of life. It enhances eg. cooperation and dialogue with others and is experienced and exemplified through the silk painting process. 

A silk painting workshop is a perfect way to spend a day or evening with friends, or a different and eye-opening experience for you and your team.

Please contact me for more information or to book a workshop.

Svenska går också bra. Myös suomeksi.


silk painting as a metaphor

Silk painting has been my passion since I was a teenager. There is something about the way the paint interacts with the silk that is just magical. It spreads along the fibers and is hard to control. When I paint, the painting lives a life of its own and seldom does exactly what I plan. I have to accept that in order to continue working on the painting and create a piece of art. This is a great metaphor for working with people. You cannot control the environment around you. You have to listen and accept what is being said and done in order to build on that and effectively move forward.  This is the only way to create real dialogue and is absolutely essential in every day work.

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